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Moline Dough Formers, Extruders and Pump Feeders
Low Stress Dough Former
Simple, versatile design provides a gentle action used for soft doughs such as pizza crusts, breads, donuts, sweet rolls and croissants.

Tri-Roll Extruder
Designed for thick, stiff and high-moisture doughs.  Provides gentle action without overworking. A Penta-Roll extruder is also available.

Dough Pump Extruder
Designed for light, moist doughs such as Danish and sweet breads.  The simple design provides smooth action while also degassing the dough.

High Viscosity RAM Pump Feeder
Designed to pump high viscosity formulations such as butter, shortening or dough formulations in less time with improved ergonomics and significant sanitation benefits.

Designed to provide uniform and consistent dough chunks to a dough former or extruder.  Electronically synchronized for consistent operation.

YOGA High Capacity No Stress Sheet Former
Designed to deliver a true, low-stress dough sheet.  This high capacity machine is ideal for bread systems, frozen or pre-fried donut systems, pizza, pita and flour tortilla lines.



Low Stress Dough Former

Tri-Roll Extruder  LIBRA Quinto
Dough Pump

High Viscosity
RAM Pump Feeder

Starwheel Chunker
(over Dough Former)

YOGA High Capacity No
Stress Sheet Former

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