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Moline Finishing Equipment
The Moline SugarKing provides a gentle, continuous sugar coating action for donuts or similar product, and can be used with powdered, granulated or cinnamon sugar.  The modular design facilitates portability, quick topping change-overs and easy access for sanitation.  The sugar supply is recirculated to reduce waste.

Icing and Glazing
Moline icing/glazing systems are used for both coatings and are easily changed between the two. Icing is applied from a manifold beneath the conveyor.  Glaze is applied from a continuous "waterfall" of heated glaze flowing from a manifold above the product.  Excess coating is captured and returned to the reservoir where it is continuously agitated and recirculated through the pump back to the manifold.

Glazing and Crumbing
Glazing and crumbing are achieved with the Moline Glazer-Crumber.  Glaze is applied as described above.  The freshly glazed product is then routed to the crumber where is is gently tumbled with crumbs to provide a uniform coating.

Moline Cooling Equipment
Cooling Conveyors
Moline cooling conveyors are available in many styles and lengths including straight runs, 90 runs and the spiral systems.  All are constructed of stainless steel and can contain catch pans, wire rod belting and automatic belt washing stations.

The spiral cooling conveyor is designed to cool a large amount of product within a compact footprint.  Transfer-free design uses endless belting, eliminating the need for transfers between turns and straight runs, assuring uninterrupted product flow and air circulation.




 Icing/Glazing Stations



Cooling Conveyors


Spiral Cooling Conveyors

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