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Moline Frying Systems
LIBRA Fryers
The Moline LIBRA fryer contains an optimized kettle design incorporating a live bottom sediment sweep to a continuous filtering system for improved frying oil quality with less down time for sanitation. The main conveyor lift system provides maximum flexibility and sanitation access due to independent drives for each conveyor section.  Heating options include electric element, gas or dual fuel for even and uniform temperature control. Production capacities range from 1600 to 4500 dozen per hour.

Standard Fryers
The modular design of the Moline fryer assures fast and precise installation. Sanitation is easy and efficient due to stainless steel construction, sediment sumps in the kettle and the elimination of crevices and hard-to-clean areas.  The main conveyor is easily raised and lowered with the touch of a button.  Gas heating.

Frying Oil Filtration Units
The Moline frying oil filtration unit is designed to continuously filter frying oil during production, promoting frying oil quality and decreasing fryer downtime for sanitation. The filter is directly connected to the fryer via piping. Sediment waste is continuously removed and the filtered oil is returned to the fryer for reuse. The filter can be easily integrated with existing frying systems and is controlled through the production systemís operator interface.

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