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Moline Panning Equipment
Moline panning equipment is available in several styles and provides automatic and continuous product placement in pans or on peel boards at high speeds.  Two of the most common styles are described below.

Standard Panners / Peel Board Loaders
This equipment contains a pan (or peel board) feed conveyor and an indexing conveyor.  The feed conveyor positions the pans (or peel boards) for accurate product placement.  The indexing conveyor extends and retracts to discharge product onto pans. 
Synchronization between product placement and pan/peel board position is provided by electronic sensors.

Cutting and Panning Equipment
cutting and panning equipment cuts the product to size and pans it for automatic and continuous production. The equipment contains a guillotine cutting blade, a pan feed conveyor, panning modules and the pan discharge conveyor. Either curled or flat product can be run.


 Panning Equipment
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